Have a quick fun read, but be careful. Blogs can be addictive and you never know how far along the scroll you are. A blog addiction is better than others, am I right?

Wait But Why – Wait but why should you read Tim Urban’s blog, you ask? Imagine all the times when you told that weird classmate that trivia knowledge is not going to be helpful in life. He is that awkward classmate. Now a famous blogger. We love him.

Breaking into Startups – You don’t have to be a startup owner to enjoy healthy economy. This blog starts from the premise that there’s just so much negativity, that brilliant minds are often discouraged from creating the next big thing. Not ‘The Uber of whatever’, but something truly revolutionary. So it helps entrepreneurs achieve greatness, for real.

Mark Manson – In short, the author of ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’. Great writer, we’d say he is inspirational but that would be half lying. He’s a mixture of information and motivating you with it, but the second part is more of a result than an effort. Great read for bad days, tbh.

The Book of Life – The School of Life is a blog (and a YouTube Channel, by the way) about all those things that parents never told you and that started to make sense when you were drunk and loud with your friends at a bar that one time.