So you’re locked up inside your house and there’s nothing fun to do (besides the responsible drinking, of course, and maybe cleaning up your closets). Board games are a great way to have fun while doing a strategic task while using System 2 thinking (if you don’t know what that is, read the nonfiction books). Fun and challenging, but also not Monopoly, Jenga or any other board game we’re sick of playing. Grab your equally responsible isolated roommates and play some fun games.

Rick & Morty – Yep, there’s a game as well. Want to go on a trip on a billion other dimensions? Always jealous of Rick & Morty’s brilliant adventures? Clearly this is the game for you. The purpose of this game is for the players to close dimensions, and to find characters and objects from your inter-dimensional travels.

Bang! – It’s the Wild West and you’re either a Sherif, Deputy Sherif, an Outlaw or a Renegade. Additional to your role, there is are characters you get, each of which have different powers in the game. Each role has a different mission, and you only know who the Sherif is. So have fun guessing while killing random people! Woop woop!

Sh!t Happens – Equally funny and depressing, just like adulthood. It’s the kind of game where you have to make different compromise choices. But it’s ok, you’ll end up regretting them either way. Painfully true. And also hilarious.

Trick Question – We know you’re not allowed to get out. But here’s an even tougher one – 400 brainteasers that will keep people guessing. These riddles will definitely make for a nifty companion during your time at home.