The classics have a way with us. And not just because they influenced the way the cinema landscape looks today. But because, just like a good accessory, they go with anything. Having a bad day after a work-at-home fiasco? Watch a classic. Having a terrific moment with your friends that you want to remember forever? Watch a classic. Basically, just wash your hands and watch a classic.

Martin Scorsese – he directed The King of Comedy, but is he really? Now that you have weeks to stay under the blanket, please try watching The Irishman. Are there any Irish men in the movie? Who knows? You’re gonna find out today. Or maybe this week?

Quentin Tarantino – More like Tenquin Quarantino. Tarantino’s universe may not be very large in numbers, but oh boy what a world it is. Get mesmerized by fake blood and the art of movie fighting – because yes, that’s a real thing for his movies. Oh, and start with Pulp Fiction.

Tim Burton – Welcome to the world of Tim Burton. If you ever thought animated movies were all pink and girly, think again. This is a world of cute Frankensteins and halloween characters, a world you’ll find very close to the twisted reality we live in. Start with Corpse Bride.

Steven Spielberg – I mean, who doesn’t love Jurassic Park? You probably grew up watching it so why not watch it again? But now that you’re responsible, quarantined adults, you should try Schindler’s List and your mom’s favourite movie, Saving Private Ryan.