They are terrifying for the same reason they’re a must-know – they could be true if we’re not watching our every move. We believe that immersing ourselves in the alternate-but-never-impossible worlds of dystopias makes us more aware of what we could do better as citizens for our democracies to work better and healthily. Knowing the past is not the only way of keeping disasters from happening. Imagining the worst is also an effective way. Have fun!

Years and Years – Joint production by BBC and HBO, this dystopia follows the lives of a family. Besides the personal drama and involvements of every character, they also experience traumatic moments in the 15-year period they are monitored.

Altered Carbon – It takes place in a future where people don’t just live one life. Instead, they have sleeves – multiple reincarnations made possible by technology. However, their life is far from perfect, and the political and personal intrigues span for centuries.

The Man in the High Castle – Phillip K Dick is a miracle of the literary world. While a university professor, he struggled with addiction, and still managed to leave behind a tremendous contribution to the Sci-Fi landscape. This particular series takes place in a world where the Nazis had won WW2.

Electric Dreams – We do have an obsession with Phillip K Dick, but it’s ok, because he is worth it. The universe in the Electric Dreams is only based on ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’, but it does bring to the table the unique contribution of its director, making this production irresistible even for those of us who read the book.