Health is serious and so is our concern for your wellbeing. This entire website is jus a pretty (it is pretty, isn’t it?) pretext to communicate to you the links below. The most relevant thing during any type of crisis (if not always) is getting your information from the right sources. So here they are, all approved and official and scientifically accurate. Use them and stay safe. And wash your hands.

WHO – The website of the World Health Organization is and it can be accessed at any time for recommendations about the outbreak, as well as updated data and every other type of information you may need. We recommend fact-checking and being cautious.

Worldometers – The website is And it shows all the relevant stats about Coronavirus and its evolution in the world. It is updated daily and it is the most reliable place to get your stats from.

Tech Against Coronavirus – The website is and its purpose is to help you transition to working from home. Because the pandemic is serious and has to be treated as such, any kind of help matters and can make a difference for your health and comfort.

The EU Commission for Coronavirus – To be visited at, the website features statistics, as well as general information. You will most likely find nothing new here, but having a second leverage to combat fake news always comes in handy.