There is no doubt that we’re psyched about Leo DiCaprio and his performance. If not in every role he’s ever done, at least in most of them. We wish he had an Oscar almost as badly as we would like to go on a walk these days. However, because our powers are limited, the least we can do is celebrate him and his best roles.

Inception, the movie people forget to talk about. Its greatness comes from not knowing which universe the action takes place in. Is it the real life or is it just a dream?, Freddie Mercury would ask himself if he were to watch this cinematic masterpiece.

The Great Gatsby, were the 1920s the best 20s ever? Enjoy the glamorous after-war life of the City, where extravagance was the key element. DiCaprio gives an enchanting performance as Jay Gatsby, the famous millionaire that hosts wild and to-die-for parties to attract Daisy’s attention.

The Wolf of Wall Street, because you can be cool but you can’t be Leo-sniffing-cocaine-off-people’s-body-parts cool. The most talked about movie of 2013 and 2014 brought the world of Wall Street to the big screens as never before. This is America, am I right @childishgambino?

What’s eating Gilbert Grape – one of the first movies of Leo. We say it’s the very best. In 1993, he starred as the mentally handicapped brother of Johnny Depp’s character. His performance was so real that people actually thought the character was indeed played by a mentally challenged boy. Hats off..