Whoever says memes, sarcasm and dark humor are not very successful coping mechanisms, has really had no real trauma and we don’t trust them. But we have. So here’s our selection of getting-out-of-your-own-head series that we had fun enjoying. We hope you will too.

The End of the f***ing world – You’d ask how much damage can two adolescents really do? This crazy British production answers and it’s not easy. It is hilarious, perplexing, thrilling, but not easy. If you do enjoy British humor then you’ll clearly love this. If not, this is definitely the perfect way to start.

Im not okay with this – It is not just your everyday thought, but also a great series to watch when you’re home alone. The complexities of the main character’s family situation, personal development and day to day thoughts are just too much. But very relatable, and painfully amusing. We recommend it to help you get over ‘The end of the f***ing world’.

Miracle Workers – It might have only one season and a half so far, but it’s a great show and you should really give it a chance. The fun part is that all cast is present in both seasons but they play different characters from different worlds. Mindblown, right?

The Last Man on Earth – It is what you imagine. The daunting thought of every one of us. But sitcom. So inevitably, full of easter eggs and fun puns. Oh, and there will be more than one character too. Oh, and we’re all hedonists here.