We know it. TED Talks are more often than not about inspirational stuff that is not even half convincing. And if you’re lucky and persistent enough to know a thing or two, they’re even less meaningful. However, there are exceptions. We’re not going to be lying – we’re not watching TED Talks on a daily or weekly or monthly basis. There may be better ones. These are the ones that we heard of, tried and loved. Enjoy!

Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator – Aside from the original humor and honesty, our beloved Tim Urban talks about the real danger of personal development – the unseen deadlines with no slot in a calendar app, the truly horrifying ones. The ones about our personal development, for which there is no bell and no kind reminders.

Your Elusive Creative Genius – Elisabeth Gilbert shows us that being the author of a bestseller doesn’t mean you don’t have a powerful & insightful voice. Success in the humanities is not an easy cross to bear. Many of our most gifted minds died at their own hands, and she proposes a new (or, rather, old!) outlook on our elusive creative genius. F***ing inspiring.

The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown – ‘If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist’ is the premise of this researcher. Therefore her entire career she took messy concepts and make them not messy. The result was so blankly put into just one short presentation – being vulnerable is the most terrifying & powerful thing that creates life-long bonds.

Do Schools Kill Creativity by Sir Ken Robinson – Of course the short answer is ‘YES, THEY DO’. What Sir Ken Robinson, brilliant educator, proposes is that we change educational paradigms. From scratch. No pressure. He proposes that we focus on meta competences and everybody’s personal talents, rather than impersonal and much unneeded knowledge.