Always ending up down the rabbit hole on the Internet? Ironically, this may be how you found us. However, you may want to know that this expression originates from Alice in Wonderland. And because we’re geeks and we know it, we’ve got a great few books that inspired everyday expressions that we loved reading. There’s definitely no sleep for you tonight.

1984 by George Orwell – See where the expression Big Brother came from, and how much the society in the book resembles the possibilities of totalitarian regimes if we don’t treat our democracies with responsibility and civic involvement.

Sophie’s Choice – Alan J. Pakula’s book inspired the amazing performance of Meryl Streep in the movie got her an Oscar in 1982. All we’re telling you is that the book is about a Polish woman, mother of two, in a Nazi concentration camp. No spoilers there.

Catch 22 – The brilliant book of Joseph Heller is where this expression started. The expression refers to an impossible or paradoxical choice. In the book, soldiers requested the Catch 22, which was a going home permit for not being mentally apt. However, it was considered that to make the request you had to be mentally apt, hence the impossibility.

Down the Rabbit Hole – Alice in Wonderland is a classic by all standards. However, a) this is where the expression comes from and b) we recommend it for adults as well. It isn’t quite Heidegger, but it is a light and inspiring read that we can’t recommend enough.