We’re optimistic, but we’re also aware that the verge of insanity and the immuability of dying make for great artistry. So here are some themed recommendations that you can use either to distract yourself from the chaos we’re all going through or, why not, to feed your obsessions.

Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak – It’s time for a serious question now. Did Netflix plan this pandemic? Or is this documentary just a coincidence? Is this just a test to see how many of us actually watch a Netflix docu-series?

Contagion – A 2011 movie that was fun and captivating to watch at the time of its release. Now? Not so much. Are we living a thriller ourselves? All that matters now is to keep calm and wash your hands 50 times a day.

The Mist – How many Stephen King books have your read? But how many movies inspired by his masterpieces have you gathered the courage to watch from start to finish? We raise you The Mist. A movie that explores the extremes to which ordinary people are driven when exposed to unimaginable circumstances. Also, another metaphor for addiction. Yay. Enjoy.

Seeking a friend for the end of the world – Matilda has a mission to destroy the Earth. And no, we’re not talking about the sweet, curious Matilda from the 1996 fantasy comedy. We’re talking about an asteroid. Ooops. Discover the secrets people keep and their intention to leave this life as clean and remorseless as possible (Spoiler alert. – It’s impossible).